Lilia Belle from the Vintage Elegance  Collection

Impressions Of You Tiaras by Sonia Frances 

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Vintage Jewellery at Impressions Of You Tiaras

Vintage Jewellery a short history.

I adore vintage jewellery and all things that sparkle.  I made the tiaras and hair accessories in the Elegance Collection from genuine vintage jewellery that I carefully sourced and collected.  

Although I am no expert, I have done some research on costume jewellery  purely out of the interest  I have for the  jewellery I have collected, including my own personal favourite Coro.  

Vintage Jewellery, Impressions Of You Tiaras


Coro was originally founded as an accessories boutique on Broadway in New York in 1901 by Emmanuel Cohn and Carl Rosenberger.  Initially  jewellery was outsourced from independent designers but in 1929 Coro opened its own factory in Providence Rhode Island.  Under the direction of Adolph Katz and Royal Marcher Sales Director  the company grew, the 30s saw shops opening across America with manufacturing based in Britain and Canada.   Coro's  success was due to talented designers like Katz and Albert Weiss and because it aimed to cater to women of all income brackets  offering a wide range of fashionable styles.

Coro became known for its workmanship and quality, in the 30s Coro became known for its romantic style and floral in the 40s, both styles remained popular through to the late 50s.

In the 30s Corocraft was established in England and during the 50s Coro introduced more expensive lines including Vendome and Coro Sterling Craft to be sold in department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales.

Coro used a number of marks to identify its jewellery including Jewelcraft, Cellini, Duettes and Corolite to name a few. Coro sets from the 30s to early 50s are particularly popular. Coro finally ceased production in 1979.